“Europe has opened our borders.” – Jennifer Falkenhorst

Borders have opened since Schengen.

German-Austrian border on a bicycle track in the Alps: Open to us all.

Europe is a fascinating place. It is the home of numerous cultures and has a long-standing history. Grouping a number of countries into a Union was a splendid idea and has proven to be successful on many occasions. Needless to say, there are still a multitude of obstacles of the Union to be functioning perfectly; however, we are able to cross borders without noticing that we necessary do. It is an easy thing to travel from one place to the next and meet friends spread all over Europe. You can start off in Germany, drive over the border into the Netherlands, then possibly to Belgium and entering France to take the Channel Ferry Crossing and end up in the UK (all in a matter of a couple of hours). This can all be done without any hassle whatsoever. This possibility is one amongst many things why I love Europe.

Image courtesy of Mike Knell via Flickr, released under creative commons share alike.

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