Germany’s Politics and the European Union

Germany's Politics and the European Union Cover

PDU Study 1/2013

PDU’s first study analyzes the positions of Germany’s political parties towards the European Project. Despite a wide-spread commitment to the strengthening of the EU, no party argues for a fully integrated European federal state.

Executive Summary

This study analyses the platforms of seven parties participating in the 2013 German Federal Election from an EU federalist perspective. The platforms are analysed in terms of their position on EU economic policy, internal affairs, foreign policy, and their stance on the further development of EU governance. It is revealed that the left-of-centre parties, the Social Democrats and the Greens, have the most federalist-positive perspective of all parties analysed, whereas the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) platform is highly Eurosceptic. The centre-right parties, the Free Democrats and the Christian Democrats, fall in the middle of this scale, while the Left and the Pirates are particularly difficult to analyse. The fact that none of these parties is strongly in favour of a federal Europe is discussed in the conclusion.

Germany’s Politics and the European Union:

German parties’ political positions on the eve of the 2013 federal elections
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