The PDU Hosts Euroskop in London

The PDU, in cooperation with the UCLU European Society, hosted the Euroskop project in London on the 25th of November 2013, for a discussion under the title “Young People and Europe – A Troubled Relationship”.


Euroskop’s Jan Stoeckmann and Bernhard Clemm.

An audience of 40 people gathered at Drayton House to listen to Bernhard Clemm and Jan Stoeckmann present their findings from 200 interviews of young people in over 20 countries. From the assumption of peace on the European continent, over knowledge of the EU institutional framework, to identity politics and “feeling European”, the Euroskop-duo contrasted the views of young Europeans to the statistical data released by the European Commission’s “Eurobarometer”.

Euroskop Event London November 25, 2013

After the presentation Daniel Schade, head of the PDU London office, lead a stimulated discussion about European identity and public opinion about the EU. Clemm and Stoeckmann answered questions and engaged in dialogue with the audience about issues such as the role of education in identity politics, the use of media as an outreach to EU citizens, and perks and limits of attempts to forge a public consensus in European politics.

The PDU would like to thank everyone for an evening of inspired debate on European identity and young public opinion on the EU. We would also like to thank UCL and the UCLU European Society for their cooperation and for accommodating the event at Drayton House.

Courtesy for the #PDUEuroskop photographs to Mann Virdee.

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