European Election Results – Respect Our Votes!

The PDU, the European Federalist Party, JEF, and One Europe address a joint letter to Europeans, asking them to join us in defending European democracy. Download the Letter for Democracy here and send it to your MEP!


Dear Elected Representative,

Dear Civil Society Activist,

Dear citizen,

European democracy is in danger. We are a number of citizens, activists and NGOs deeply concerned about the outcome of the European elections and the way in which the European Council has decided to handle the appointment of the next Commission President.

We were told that this time it was different: the 2014 European elections were the first held under the Lisbon Treaty, which linked the nomination of the President of the European Commission to the outcome of the Parliamentary vote. For the first time in European history, the main parties in the European Parliament nominated their candidates for the presidency of the European Commission before the election and actively campaigned across Europe, including participating in televised debates. The purpose was to strengthen the legitimacy of the Commission and to increase citizens’ participation in European affairs. A negative trend in voter turnout was halted, and participation remained stable compared to earlier European elections.

All this is good, so what is the problem?

Unfortunately our heads of state and government, pushed by David Cameron and others, considered that all this was too democratic and blocked the European Council from endorsing the winner – Jean-Claude Juncker, who in the meantime had been backed by the main groups in the European Parliament (representing more than 69% of elected MEPS).

Jean-Claude Juncker may not be your favourite candidate, but the fight now is not for his ideas. The fight is for European democracy! If the European Council decides to disregard voters’ expectations, this will further reduce the legitimacy of the European project and turn the election into a farce – further supporting the claims of anti-European parties who did not even bother to put forward a candidate for the Presidency of the Commission.

For the above reason, we urge you to stand with us against this attempted “EU coup d’étatoperated by the European Council against the European Parliament and the voters, and join us in our demands to “Respect our Vote!”

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Best regards,

A European citizen

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