PDU participates at IFISO Budapest

The Informal Forum of International Student Organizations (IFISO) is a platform which unites student associations through bringing them together in bi-annually organized meetings. IFISO’s spring event took place in Budapest, June 11-14 where PDU was represented by Veronika Czina. By PDU’s Budapest Pffice

IFISO_bpThe meeting was hosted by AEGEE Budapest with the participation of delegates from nineteen student organizations. Associations such as AEGEE European Students’ Forum, ESN (Erasmus Student Network), ISHA (International Students of History Association), JADE (European Confederation of Junior Enterprises) and ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) were represented at the event. The aim of IFISO’s regular meetings is to provide a platform for international officers of mostly student-run organizations to share their best practices with each other. It creates an environment for the member organizations to collaborate on all possible levels with the purpose of strengthening their capacities through knowledge-sharing.

Veronika Czina, Head of PDU’s Budapest office, was happy to participate in the event because it provided an excellent opportunity to brief the participating organizations about PDU’s mission and familiarize them with our activities and goals. „The greatest asset of the IFISO meeting was the possibility to share PDU’s knowledge in how to run and manage an organization. Moreover I received valuable insights into other organizations’ strategy-building methods. Exchanging experience and ideas with student organizations of different profiles was a unique and useful experience.” – Czina said. The most important topics covered during the event were fundraising, event management, recruitment and membership expansion. Veronika Czina used the oppertunity to introduce PDU’s message among young professionals from all over Europe and she is looking forward to collaborations between PDU and some organizations who were present at the IFISO Meeting Spring 2015.



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