Joschka Fischer: A Roadmap for Europe 2016

On 18 January 2016, PDU Chairman Professor Brendan Simms joined Joschka Fischer and other panellists to discuss a European roadmap for 2016.

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2016 will be a crucial year for Europe. The series of crises that have occupied European policymakers over the past few years have called into question the very foundations of the European project. Whether one looks at the ongoing debt crisis that continues to threaten the common currency, Russian aggression on the continent’s Eastern periphery exposing a worrying lack of cohesion, or the refugee influx dividing member-states and posing new challenges, the European Union appears to be in a dangerous state of paralysis. The challenge of overcoming this worrying state of affairs and achieving significant progress in the field of European integration will stand front and center in the year to come.

After a statement by former German Foreign Secretary Joshka Fischer, the journalist Petra Pinzler and PDU Chairman Professor Brendan Simms joined the discussion. A recap of the event can be found here.

The PDU would like to thank the European Council on Foreign Relations and Stiftung Mercator for making this event happen.

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