March for Europe 2017

The anniversary of the Treaty of Rome gives us an opportunity to stand up for a united Europe, writes Francisco César das Neves

For well over half a century, Europe has enjoyed stability and prosperity through political integration. However, this process is not only stalling, but in danger of unravelling altogether. If the European project is to survive, it is crucial that citizens across the continent express their support and make their voices heard. On 25 March, the sixtieth anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the March for Europe aims to do just that.

This day will see a European Council meeting in Rome to mark this milestone, which offers a great opportunity to show politicians across the continent that the only way is forward.

The March for Europe brings together all those who believe in European unity and who want a strong, prosperous and democratic Europe. We must make it absolutely clear that the demagogues fanning popular discontent do not speak for the people, however much they might insist.

The March for Europe should prove to be the first of many demonstrations of popular support. The silent majority cannot afford to be silent any longer. It is time to rid ourselves of complacency and defend what is at stake: peace and prosperity for generations to come.

Divided, we fall. The only way for Europe to prosper in the future is as a united force.

Image courtesy of the Spinelli Group

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