PDU-related developments.

100 Years since 1914

An article for our Portuguese readers in Diário de Notícias on the origins of the First World War. Read here. (pdf)

The Impact of the Ukrainian Crisis on the European Neighbourhood

Recent events in Ukraine have created a whole host of issues for the European Union, perhaps the most pressing of which is the status of eastern member-states in relation to the new instability in the neighbourhood. It…

The Populist Networks: A Panel Debate with Benjamin Zeeb

Benjamin Zeeb, CEO of the Project for Democratic Union, joined an expert panel to discuss the tactics of anti-European groups in the European elections. Farage triumphed, Wilders showed weakness and Le Pen is not as…

Liam Fitzgerald in radio interview: “Individual states cannot compete on their own”

In a BBC Radio 5 live interview on the outcome of the European Elections, the PDU’s Head of Munich Office Liam Fitzgerald argued that the issues raised by eurosceptic parties were not tackled properly by…

“Europe has to solve the German problem”

In this interview with the German newspaper Wirtschaftswoche, Brendan Simms outlines why a federal European state is necessary.

The Euro Crisis: Democracy v. Economic Efficiency

In this blog post for the Economist the magazine’s Buttonwood columnist offers his view on a recent panel debate that included PDU’s president Brendan Simms.

Federal Union is a must, says head of pro-European think-tank

The CEO of the Project for Democratic Union, Benjamin Zeeb, sits down for a discussion with the Czech online media outlet iDNES.cz.

The Putin challenge to Europe

On 5th of May, PDU Brussels organised its first Brussels-based panel debate ‘The Putin challenge to Europe’ at the Bertelsmann Stiftung in Brussels.

How Ukraine’s crisis surprised the naive West

Ina piece for OneEurope António Saraiva Lima explores why the Ukraine crisis came as a surprise to the West.

2014 European Elections: This Time It’s Different

PDU Chairman Brendan Simms took part in a seminar at the European Parliament on the upcoming elections.