PDU-related developments.

DVD Cover: Gründungsväter Europas

Cooperation Between JEM and PDU

Joint Event of the Project for Democratic Union and Junge Europäer München, 26th September 2013, at the European Commission Office in Munich.

Data Protection: An Exemplary Failure of the European Single Market

In an article for OneEurope Daniel Schade argues that Europe needs better data protection legislation based on the precautionary principle.

Was war nochmal dieses Europa? (In German)

In an article for German online magazine Zeitjung Korbinian Rueger has a look a the German parties respective positions towards the European project before the German federal elections.

From regionalism to free trade: Europe’s dangerously mixed messages to Latin America

In an article for openDemocracy’s debate on the future of Europe, Daniel Schade explains why Europe’s foreign policy towards Latin America has taken a problematic turn.

The Ghosts of Europe Past

In a  New York Times op-ed Brendan Simms writes about historical continuities between Europe’s past and the EU’s present and proposes ways to overcome them.

Can Angela Merkel forge a United State of Europe

In an opinion piece for the London Evening Standard Brendan Simms asks if Angela Merkel has what it takes to make a European state possible.

Sooner or later, we’ll have to go into Syria

Brendan Simms comments on Europe and the Syrian Civil War in The Independent.

We eurozoners must create a United State of Europe

Brendan Simms lays out his vision for a Eurozone State in the Guardian.