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Steve Bannon goes Europe – PR advice for far-right populists

Divide and rule has been a motto of politicians for millennia. Lastly, Donald Trump came, saw and divided American society, and finally took victory in the Presidential elections. Along his way, he was helped by…

The Economic Fallacy of Austerity

Lat week saw a new meeting of the Eurogroup that puts Greece back to the top of the European agenda. The country needs debt relief if it is ever to get back on its feet again. This fact…

Rome 2.0: A Manifesto for a New Europe

Just in time for the treaty’s 60th anniversary on 25 March this year, the German-Italian Centre for European Excellence Villa Vigoni and United Europe are launching a new Rome Manifesto. James Bartholomeusz

Macron’s call for European integration

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, in an article for the Financial Times makes a clear and resolute commitment to European integration, writes Francisco César das Neves

Now, with Trump in the White House, We Need a European Army

What does an incoming President Trump mean for Europe? Security issues that were already swelling on the horizon become clear now and European reticence about an active defence policy is no longer sustainable. Thus one…

America First: Will Trump’s Agenda Provide an Opportunity for Europe?

Though it seems counter-intuitive at first sight, Trumps election could lead to a deeper unification in the European Union – especially with new concepts  in the security and defence sector, writes Alois Maderspacher During his…

Without country, there is no identity

Emilie Mendes de Leon reflects on the historical preconditions for political unification.

A Conversation with Hans Eichel

A few months ago, the PDU’s Emilie Mendes de Leon caught up with Hans Eichel, Germany’s former Minister of Finance and founder of the G-20, about crisis and democracy in Europe. EM: What do you see…

Britain and the EU still have a future together

Britain is now leaving the EU, but it will remain part of the European family.

A World in Turmoil? When economic and social factors are in conflict

The European Union once started as a peace project, now the path seems to lead towards deep conflict. An Essay by Wolfgang P. Warth When analyzing Europe’s post-war history, we see Yugoslavia as a similar experiment,…