European Parliament Elections 2014

Our coverage in the run-up to the European Parliament elections in 2014.

European People’s Party

James Bartholomeusz reviews the EPP, the largest bloc in the European Parliament, ahead of the elections.

Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats

With the acting president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, as their frontrunner, the S&D want to put Europe on a different path. By Korbinian Rueger and Wolfgang P. Warth

The Netherlands

Traditionally a pro-European nation but more recently sceptical, the Netherlands will elect 26 MEPs in a few weeks time. By Welmoed Roeten.


As a recent entry into the European Union, Croatia’s role in the European elections deserves vigilant attention. By Corina Lozovan


Once a major European power competing for regional supremacy against the Byzantine Empire, nowadays Bulgaria struggles to find its place in the European community. Dimitar Nikolov considers the country’s situation in the lead up to…


A former Soviet state which grew massively before the eurozone crisis, Latvia remains committed to the single currency and greater EU ties. By Bilquees Daud


Divided between a Greek south and a Turkish north, Cyprus is a state half-inside the EU. Emily Jennings considers the situation leading up to May’s European elections.


Mario Zorro considers one of the smaller yet enthusiastically Europhile member-states in the lead up to the May Parliamentary elections.


Traditionally a stronghold of social democracy, Sweden has seen a swing to the right in recent years. Ece Kepekci considers the situation in the lead up to the European elections.


Having benefited greatly from its accession to the EU, Matthias Gerl argues that Slovakia will prove largely pro-Union in the upcoming elections.