European Parliament Elections 2014

Our coverage in the run-up to the European Parliament elections in 2014.

Jean-Claude Juncker as Head of the EPP

The PDU on former Luxemburgish Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker as EPP candidate for the forthcoming European Parliament elections. By Maxence Salendre.


Once the most EU-friendly country in the north, recent developments have turned Finland into one of the most ferociously contested battlegrounds of Europe’s ongoing political crisis. With sceptics seeing Finland and its reaction to Europe’s…


« Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano ». “He who goes softly, goes safely; he who goes safely goes far”. A profile of Italian politics. By Maxence Salendre.

United Kingdom

One of Europe’s strongest nations and yet the continent’s historic outlier, the UK’s relations with the Union have distinctly cooled in the last decade. With the possibility of ‘Brexit’ looming in 2017, what will happen…


On the border between Europe and Africa, Malta is an important fringe state. How will it fare in the May elections? By Bilquees Daud


Spain’s accession to the EU has spurred the country to economic growth, yet the financial crisis has hit the country hard in recent years. While high unemployment rates have not led to a rise in…


In one of the EU’s most dynamic nations, the European elections are heavily dominated by domestic political discourse. Poland’s decision on May 25th will set the tone for the country on both the national and…


Despite the latest “Flemish Separatist” fling in the national government, Belgium still remains as one of the most enthusiastic members of the Union about the European Project. By Ece Kepekçi As a founding member and with Brussels as…


One of the most successful Eastern member-states of the Union, Lithuania still exhibits an increasingly rare enthusiasm for the European project. By Matthias Gerl.

Czech Republic

With an apparent pro-EU swing in the Czech parliament but lingering scepticism amongst citizens, May 2014 will be a decider for the Republic. By Ece Kepekçi