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The frontier of international democracy

Simon Anholt’s new project is pushing the boundaries of democracy beyond the nation-state. By James Bartholomeusz

PDU Podcast: Michael Wolffsohn On Federalism

In our latest podcast, Israeli-German historian Michael Wolffsohn discusses the potential for federalism to maintain peace. By Emilie Mendes de Leon

The British spectacle says more about Cameron than Europe

The British premier’s ‘renegotiation’ is a banal charade, but one which we are now obliged to play along with, write James Bartholomeusz and Daniel Schade.

PDU Podcast: European Elites

For our new podcast Dr. Luca Verzichelli of the University of Siena discusses the role of elites in the European project. By Emilie Mendes de Leon

2015 in Europe: A year of challenges

The past 12 months have seen the waves of multiple crises break on the European shore. The Project for Democratic Union looks back at 2015, a watershed year in European history. By James Bartholomeusz

Cameron has no real vision for Britain in Europe

David Cameron’s demands for renegotiating Britain’s EU membership are both insubstantial and incoherent. By James Bartholomeusz

PDU Podcast: A Conversation with Ulrike Guérot

On this week’s podcast we publish an interview with Dr. Ulrike Guérot, Founder and Director of the European Democracy Lab. By Emilie Mendes de Leon

Tsipras’ Second Round: Europe could Sleep Safely Now

He has failed to deliver what he promised the first time. Can Alexis Tsipras now come up with a new plan and become the unexpected hero Europe had never asked for? By Alexandros Semeloglou

It’s All or Nothing: how to Make the EU more Democratic, Transparent and Efficient

In this piece for the Heinrich Böll Foundation Benjamin Zeeb and Daniel Schade explore how the EU can address its tripe crisis of democracy, transparency and efficiency.

The IMF – a Role Model for a new Europe?

While the IMF seems to have learned from its past experiences, the European Union continues to be held back by its institutional setting. How the Greek crisis demonstrates the need for a new Europe. By Anja Spöri…