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Troubles in China prove the need for change in Europe’s economy

The slowdown in the Chinese economy this summer has caught all analysts off-guard. Benjamin Zeeb and James Bartholomeusz explore what this means for EU economic policy.

PDU Podcast: European Horizons

On this week’s podcast we publish an interview with Igor Mitschka and Olga Karnas of European Horizons, an American student-led think tank concerned with European affairs. You can learn more about their project here. By Emilie…

The Last of the German Patriots

He is one of the most respected politicians ever to shape German policy. His integrity is beyond the shadow of doubt. He is truly one of Germany’s greatest statesmen. Here is why Wolfgang Schäuble should…

Το πιο φιλοευρωπαϊκό “Όχι” που είπαν ποτέ οι Έλληνες (in Greek and in English)

Είτε με «Ναι» είτε με «Όχι», όλα τα εμπλεκόμενα μέρη οφείλουν να καθίσουν ξανά την επόμενη μέρα γύρω από το τραπέζι και να εργαστούν προς μία λύση. Οι πολίτες της Ελλάδας έχουν το δικαίωμα να…

Μην μας αφήνετε! – Ψηφίστε “ΝΑΙ”! (in Greek and in English)

Την Κυριακή που ξημερώνει οι Έλληνες κρατούν στα χέρια τους όχι μόνο τη μοίρα ενός έθνους, αλλά και το μέλλον ενός σχεδίου τόσο εύθραστου όσο αυτό της Ευρωπαϊκής Ενοποίησης. Ένα «Ναι» θα σημαίνει κι άλλα…

Danish Elections: Embarking on an Eurosceptic Course

Thorning-Schmidt’s centre-left coalition will be succeeded by the Danish centre-right group after Thursday’s elections. By Amelie Buchwald

The most pro-European “Όχι” Greeks ever had to say

The citizens of Greece should have the right to say “Yes” to European solidarity, or “No” to unreasonable austerity, which is only unreasonable because it has proven to be disastrous. But first and foremost, they should have…

Shock election result in the UK – the battle for Brexit begins

Against all odds, the Conservative Party has won a majority in the British general election. Brexit is now a real possibility, writes James Bartholomeusz

What does the 2015 British general election hold for Europe?

This year’s election is unprecedented in British history – and it could have serious knock-on effects for the rest of the EU. By James Bartholomeusz

PDU Podcast on Refugees

Today we publish an interview with Larry Macauley from Refugee Radio. As immigration finally steps into the media spotlight following the recent tragedies in the Mediterranean, Larry describes the expectations and experiences of migrants who…