PDU, just like the European project itself, is a work in progress. On our blog we discuss the latest developments in European politics and provide background information as well as commentary on what has been happening in the news.

PDU Deputy Editor wins European Commission essay competition

James Bartholomeusz has been chosen as the UK winner of an EU essay competition on the future of enlargement.

What does the 2015 British general election hold for Europe?

This year’s election is unprecedented in British history – and it could have serious knock-on effects for the rest of the EU. By James Bartholomeusz

1969: The Spirit of the Hague

1969 proved a watershed moment in the history of the European project, both in terms of EC reform and preparing the ground for the first enlargement. By Amelie Buchwald

Nous sommes Charlie

James Bartholomeusz responds to the terror attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris.