Past events

The PDU holds a number of events across Europe. A list of past events and a short summary of each can be found here.

PDU-AEGEE Conference on the European Refugee Crisis

On September 23, 2015 the Project for Democratic Union co-hosted a panel discussion together with AEGEE-Budapest on the Hungarian refugee crisis in light of the EU’s current migration policy. By Veronika Czina The conference held at Corvinus…

PDU leads debate at Krynica Economic Forum

In September, Benjamin Zeeb and James Bartholomeusz represented the Project for Democratic Union at the Eastern Institute’s 25th Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland.

PDU participates at IFISO Budapest

The Informal Forum of International Student Organizations (IFISO) is a platform which unites student associations through bringing them together in bi-annually organized meetings. IFISO’s spring event took place in Budapest, June 11-14 where PDU was…

Europe – The Promised Land? (full video)

On June 26th, 2015 the Project for Democratic Union held a panel discussion on the European refugee crisis featuring PDU’s CEO, Benjamin Zeeb, Larry Macauly, editor and head producer at Refugee Radio Network, and Monika Steinhauser…

PDU panel

European Congress of Local Governments

The PDU was a partner organisation of this year’s European Congress of Local Governments in May in Krakow, Poland, organising a panel on regional political movements which was chaired by our Deputy Chairman Daniel Schade.

Development of the EU and the Consequences for the Financial Sector

On April 20, 2015 PDU’s Head of Development for Germany, Dr. Wolfgang P. Warth, spoke at the European Finance Forum hosted at the Deutsche Bundesbank in Munich

The Future of England, Scotland and the Eurozone: Different Sides of the Same Question?

On Monday 16 March, at the House of Lords, Lord Lexden OBE chaired a panel discussion co-hosted by The Henry Jackson Society and The Project for Democratic Union, exploring how British and European unions interrelate,…

Unions of States in Historical Perspective

On Monday 16 March, The Project for Democratic Union (PDU), Henry Jackson Society (HJS) and the Forum on Geopolitics (Dept. of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge) co-hosted an event at Millbank Tower aimed…

Ukraine and Russia: One Year After Crimea

On 17th March 2015, one year on from Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the Project for Democratic Union held a panel discussion to discuss the state of the Ukraine crisis.

Simms, Sinn, and Fischer meet at IFO Institute

On February 23rd, IFO Institute for Economic Research hosted an event featuring PDU President, Brendan Simms. The event was co-chaired by  Professor Hans-Werner Sinn and Sueddeutsche Zeitung’s Marc Beise. Former German Foreign Minister and Vice…