Past events

The PDU holds a number of events across Europe. A list of past events and a short summary of each can be found here.

Meeting room in the House of Lords

Democracy after the Elections

On 25th June, PDU London hosted a panel discussion in the House of Lords on the prospects – or otherwise – for European democracy after the Parliament elections.

The Impact of the Ukrainian Crisis on the European Neighbourhood

Recent events in Ukraine have created a whole host of issues for the European Union, perhaps the most pressing of which is the status of eastern member-states in relation to the new instability in the neighbourhood. It…

The Populist Networks: A Panel Debate with Benjamin Zeeb

Benjamin Zeeb, CEO of the Project for Democratic Union, joined an expert panel to discuss the tactics of anti-European groups in the European elections. Farage triumphed, Wilders showed weakness and Le Pen is not as…

The Putin challenge to Europe

On 5th of May, PDU Brussels organised its first Brussels-based panel debate ‘The Putin challenge to Europe’ at the Bertelsmann Stiftung in Brussels.

The Future of Ukraine

On 14th March, the PDU’s London office hosted a lunchtime panel discussion in the House of Lords on the recent events in Ukraine, and what these hold for the future of the country and the…

Reclaiming Europe – an Attempt to Rebrand the Old

On 19th December 2013, the PDU held its first Munich panel discussion. Michael Thoss, Managing Director of Allianz Kulturstiftung, Brendan Simms, PDU’s President and co-founder, and Felix Montag, board member of Germany’s EFP chapter, discussed how…

The PDU Hosts Euroskop in London

The PDU, in cooperation with the UCLU European Society, hosted the Euroskop project in London on the 25th of November 2013, for a discussion under the title “Young People and Europe – A Troubled Relationship”.

Workshop with European Alternatives at the Transeuropa Forum in Berlin

This past weekend Roisin Berghaus represented the PDU while holding a workshop on the EU’s linguistic diversity with participants from across Europe at the Transeuropa Forum in Berlin. During the workshop, we discussed the benefits and drawbacks…

DVD Cover: Gründungsväter Europas

Cooperation Between JEM and PDU

Joint Event of the Project for Democratic Union and Junge Europäer München, 26th September 2013, at the European Commission Office in Munich.