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Europa-Vision gegen Europa-Erosion

Brendan Simms und Benjamin Zeeb plädieren eindringlich für neue Vereinigte Staaten – doch ihre historischen Vorbilder taugen nicht für einen Neuanfang, findet Eckart Conze.

Grabbing the third rail

In the latest issue of the World Commerce Review, Lukas Paul Schmelter argues that the EU needs a fully unified foreign and security policy.

Emergency brakes on migration: neither novel nor effective

In this blog post for the London School of Economics’ (LSE) Brexit blog the LSE’s Eiko Thielemann and the PDU’s Daniel Schade argue that the migration ’emergency brake’ agreed to by the European Council is an…

Al Jazeera

Cracks widen in the European Union

PDU’s Deputy Chairman Daniel Schade appeared on Al Jazeera English’s Inside Story to discuss the Europe’s multiple crises with Claude Moraes – Labour Member of the European Parliament for London and Deputy Leader of the…

Heinrich Böll Foundation logo

It’s time for the EU to get serious about Poland

The European Commission is right to take a stand against Poland’s new radical Right-wing government, James Bartholomeusz writes for the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

A tale of two unions

The upcoming British referendum on EU membership could also trigger the dissolution of the British union, James Bartholomeusz writes for the World Commerce Review.

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How to Counter Right Wing Populism and Extremism

In October, PDU Policy Officer James Bartholomeusz participated in a capacity building programme on countering Right-wing populism and extremism in Europe, hosted by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. The participants have subsequently published their conclusions and…

Europe's World

Arranging the European symphony

In this article for Europe’s World, Daniel Schade and Brendan Simms argue that Europe needs a new narrative to reach its citizens.

Against national illusions (in German)

In this op-ed for Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung the PDU’s Deputy Chairman Daniel Schade argues that a European response to the terrorist threat to Europe’s society is necessary.


Forte dei successi economici, la Germania si avvicina a Russia e Cina, sottovalutandone le sfide geopolitiche. Ma la politica estera basata sul controllo dell’Eurozona e sul disimpegno diplomatico-militare sta fallendo. Urge un vero Stato federale…