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Britain should want Europe to Become a Superstate

In this article for The Telegraph, Brendan Simms and Korbinian Rüger make the case for the creation of a federal state based on the member countries of the Eurozone. This, they argue would also be…

It’s All or Nothing: how to Make the EU more Democratic, Transparent and Efficient

In this piece for the Heinrich Böll Foundation Benjamin Zeeb and Daniel Schade explore how the EU can address its tripe crisis of democracy, transparency and efficiency.

Time is up for a Europe resting on its foreign policy laurels

Daniel Schade, The PDU’s Deputy Chairman, explains in the World Commerce Review why Europe’s status as an economic giant but political dwarf simply isn’t enough anymore.

Holy Roman Empire 2.0 (in German)

With muddling through out of the question and a breakup undesirable, only one solution remains. In this article for Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Brendan Simms and Benjamin Zeeb make the case for the creation of a federal…

Muddling through won’t solve Europe’s problems

In the World Commerce Review the PDU’s CEO, Benjamin Zeeb, writes about why we have to attempt the impossible to overcome the European crisis. You can read the article here.     Image ‘Ukraine Sepratists…

Just like Hollywood – A True Story (in German)

In this Interview for Sueddeutsche Zeitung, PDU’s President, Brendan Simms, recounts the amazing true story of how 400 Germans helped win the Battle of Waterloo. You can read the interview here. (in German) Image ‘Waterloo…

Greece and Europe – A common future? (In Greek & in English)

For Ysterografo News PDU’s Alexandros Semeloglou writes about Europe’s options in the face of the ongoing economic crisis.

What future for Europe?

In the World Commerce Review the PDU’s CEO, Benjamin Zeeb, writes about our vision for the continent’s future.

European Big Bang (in German)

Süddeutsche Zeitung‘s Theresa Steins reports on one of the PDU’s recent Munich-based events held at the Ifo-Institute.

Three Days in June (in German)

The PDU’s Brendan Simms und Benjamin Zeeb on why Europe’s prosperity and security are in danger and why a European solution is needed to overcome this danger.