PDU Podcast: Michael Wolffsohn On Federalism

In our latest podcast, Israeli-German historian Michael Wolffsohn discusses the potential for federalism to maintain peace. By Emilie Mendes de Leon

PDU Podcast: European Elites

For our new podcast Dr. Luca Verzichelli of the University of Siena discusses the role of elites in the European project. By Emilie Mendes de Leon

PDU Podcast: A Conversation with Ulrike Guérot

On this week’s podcast we publish an interview with Dr. Ulrike Guérot, Founder and Director of the European Democracy Lab. By Emilie Mendes de Leon

PDU Podcast: European Horizons

On this week’s podcast we publish an interview with Igor Mitschka and Olga Karnas of European Horizons, an American student-led think tank concerned with European affairs. You can learn more about their project here. By Emilie…

PDU Study: The rise of populist and extremist parties in the EU: The case of Hungary and Austria

This study explores the rise of right-wing political movements in Hungary and Austria and elaborates on the tools at Europe’s disposal to tackle these issues.

PDU Podcast on Refugees

Today we publish an interview with Larry Macauley from Refugee Radio. As immigration finally steps into the media spotlight following the recent tragedies in the Mediterranean, Larry describes the expectations and experiences of migrants who…

National Identity Disrupted

In this PDU podcast Emilie Mendes de Leon argues that one consequence of European Integration is the creation of a generation less attached to a monolithic ideal of the nation. However, the current EU decision making procedure…


The PDU launches its series of podcasts and accompanying articles with a profile of young and very successful Spanish party, Podemos. By Emilie Mendes de Leon and Korbinian Rueger AfD in Germany, UKIP in the United…

A New Citizenship? National and European Legal Identities from a Historical Perspective

This study explores the historical perspective of legal identities at the European and national levels, giving an overview of how ideas of European citizenship can be compared with multilayered identities of the past. 

European Election 2014: Parties, manifestos and candidates

This reader gives an overview over the two main contenders for the post of Commisison President and outlines the positions of the current parliamentary groups in the European Parliament ahead of the 2014 Parliamentary election.