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Developments in the Eurozone: Muddling through or Turning the Tide?

On November 17th, 2014, the PDU invited speakers to discuss developments in the Eurozone.

Two weeks after Haiyan hit the Philippines, will it reach Poland?

Immediate economic concerns have stolen the initiative in recent years, but the crisis in the Philippines reminds us that we need major global action on climate change. By James Bartholomeusz One of the worst effects of…

CBI Report: British Industry wants UK to stay in EU

The United Kingdom’s foremost industry association has called for continued EU membership and deeper political engagement by the UK. The PDU reports. By Martin McKane.

Why Europe Needs a Financial Transaction Tax

The tax would be a step of great importance on the way to ending the financial crisis and (re)uniting the continent, argues the PDU. By Korbinian Rueger After a solution including all EU members had…