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PDU Study: The rise of populist and extremist parties in the EU: The case of Hungary and Austria

This study explores the rise of right-wing political movements in Hungary and Austria and elaborates on the tools at Europe’s disposal to tackle these issues.

A New Citizenship? National and European Legal Identities from a Historical Perspective

This study explores the historical perspective of legal identities at the European and national levels, giving an overview of how ideas of European citizenship can be compared with multilayered identities of the past. 

Great European of the Week: Sophie Scholl

Sophie Magdalena Scholl was born 9th May 1921 in Fortchenberg am Kocher. The third five children, she enjoyed a childhood that was marked by the Lutheran and humanistic education of her parents Robert and Magdalena….

Hegel and European Integration

Much of G.W.F. Hegel’s thought is arguably outdated, but his idea of historical development might have something to offer for our understanding of European integration. By James Bartholomeusz Last week, I attempted to explain the goals…

The End of Presseurop.eu

Presseurop.eu, a unique website dedicated to the pan-European public sphere and democratic participation, both of which the PDU deems essential, is set to end operations. The website’s contract with the European commission will end on…

Citizenship and (inter)national Community Service

Young Europeans value the ability to travel within their continent – can we turn this towards cultivating continental citizenship? By James Bartholomeusz Last Monday, the PDU London and UCL European Society hosted two-thirds of Euroskop, the…

The PDU Hosts Euroskop in London

The PDU, in cooperation with the UCLU European Society, hosted the Euroskop project in London on the 25th of November 2013, for a discussion under the title “Young People and Europe – A Troubled Relationship”.