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European People’s Party

James Bartholomeusz reviews the EPP, the largest bloc in the European Parliament, ahead of the elections.

Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats

With the acting president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, as their frontrunner, the S&D want to put Europe on a different path. By Korbinian Rueger and Wolfgang P. Warth

Jean-Claude Juncker as Head of the EPP

The PDU on former Luxemburgish Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker as EPP candidate for the forthcoming European Parliament elections. By Maxence Salendre.

MEPs Vote to Protect the Arctic

In what could be a landmark show of support, Members of the European Parliament have voted for legislation to protect the Arctic circle from the effects of climate change. By James Bartholomeusz


« Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano ». “He who goes softly, goes safely; he who goes safely goes far”. A profile of Italian politics. By Maxence Salendre.


Spain’s accession to the EU has spurred the country to economic growth, yet the financial crisis has hit the country hard in recent years. While high unemployment rates have not led to a rise in…

German Court Declares 3% Election Threshold Unconstitutional

After the recent decision to refer ruling on the legality of the European Central Bank’s outright monetary transaction program (OMT) to the European level, Germany’s Constitutional Court has again made a decision with direct repercussions…


Despite the latest “Flemish Separatist” fling in the national government, Belgium still remains as one of the most enthusiastic members of the Union about the European Project. By Ece Kepekçi As a founding member and with Brussels as…


In May 2014, Romania will be called to the European polling booth for the second time since accession to elect 33 new MEPs. In a country marked by corruption, political scandals and fragile coalition governments,…


Ireland has historically been one of the European Union’s most enthusiastic members, but its economic collapse, EU-IMF bailout and endless austerity have begun to erode that enthusiasm. How will that play out in the European…