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The PDU kicks off its series in anticipation of the 2014 European Parliament elections with a profile of Luxembourg. By Korbinian Rueger For decades Luxembourg has been one of the most pro-European countries on the…

European Alliance for Freedom – A threat to Europe?

Although the parties of the European Alliance for Freedom do not necessarily have a lot in common in their national manifests, they are teaming up for the European Parliament elections. The PDU takes a close…

The Rise of Extremism Among the Youth of Europe: The Case of Hungary’s Jobbik Party

Among the several difficulties that the European Union is facing today, one of the most troubling phenomena is the rise of extremism in several Member States. A textbook example of such a case is Hungary’s Jobbik…

EU Parliament vs Troika

The European Parliament has launched an inquiry into the work of the Troika. It has been criticized by MEPs for its role in the ongoing economic crisis. By Liam Fitzgerald

Italian coast guard

The Symbolic Value of the Lampedusa Resolution

The European Parliament has passed a rare joint resolution demanding the overhaul of Europe’s asylum system in the aftermath of the Lampedusa catastrophe. By Daniel Schade.

Nigel Farage addresses the European Parliament

Eurosceptics and European Democracy

The Front national might be on 24% approval in France but voting Eurosceptics in as MEPs accomplishes nothing useful, writes the PDU. Only when a referendum is forced, as in the UK, do pro-Europeans have a…

Parties in a Federal Union

At some stage, rather sooner than late in the PDU’s opinion, we Europeans will be able to vote for our very first Parliament within the framework of a European Constitution. But who will be there…