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CBI Report: British Industry wants UK to stay in EU

The United Kingdom’s foremost industry association has called for continued EU membership and deeper political engagement by the UK. The PDU reports. By Martin McKane.

Eurosceptics, EU-Sceptics, and Europe-Sceptics

Eurosceptics are in everybody’s minds these days. The PDU too has discussed eurosceptical parties. But what is it and how should groups in favor of the EU address such scepticism? By Liam Fitzgerald

Nigel Farage addresses the European Parliament

Eurosceptics and European Democracy

The Front national might be on 24% approval in France but voting Eurosceptics in as MEPs accomplishes nothing useful, writes the PDU. Only when a referendum is forced, as in the UK, do pro-Europeans have a…

UK tabloids

European Mythbusters: The EU in the British Media

Daniel Schade, head of PDU’s London office writes about eurosceptic reporting in the UK and mythbusters within the European Commission.