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Tackle the Democratic Deficit – and defeat Populism?

On 21 April 2016, PDU Policy Officer James Bartholomeusz addressed the European Democrat Students conference in London.

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It’s time for the EU to get serious about Poland

The European Commission is right to take a stand against Poland’s new radical Right-wing government, James Bartholomeusz writes for the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

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How to Counter Right Wing Populism and Extremism

In October, PDU Policy Officer James Bartholomeusz participated in a capacity building programme on countering Right-wing populism and extremism in Europe, hosted by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. The participants have subsequently published their conclusions and…

2015 in Europe: A year of challenges

The past 12 months have seen the waves of multiple crises break on the European shore. The Project for Democratic Union looks back at 2015, a watershed year in European history. By James Bartholomeusz

PDU Policy Officer discusses combating the far-Right

In October, James Bartholomeusz represented the Project for Democratic Union at a capacity-building week on combating the far-Right, organised by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Marianne is sick. What happened to La République?

Shortly after the first results of a first-round vote in France had started to come in, indicating a huge loss for the Socialists and a first place for Sarkozy’s right-wing alliance, Prime Minister Manuel Valls…

Nous sommes Charlie

James Bartholomeusz responds to the terror attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris.

2014: One Year in Europe

2014 has been another eventful and exciting year for Europe and the PDU. Time to take a look back at some of the most important events and developments of the past year. Ukraine: A new…

Britain First: Populism for the Internet Generation

For better or for worse, the internet has changed the face of activism. In their support of a particular cause, the average person can now log on to internet fora and share ideas with likeminded…

Change We Can’t Believe In?

Sweden’s Social Democrats return to power – but the political issues the country faces are hardly solved by this election. By Daniel Nord