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Economic union is a necessity, but it cannot exist without true democracy

The plans laid out by the Commission for an EU federation in 2012 certainly had their merits, but any European state must grow out of the will of citizens, not bureaucrats. By James Bartholomeusz

Europe Dictionary: Subsidiarity

A great concern of many who doubt the European project is that the surrender of sovereignty in certain areas to Brussels creates a distance between the citizen and the policy process. The principle of subsidiarity goes…

Scottish Independence: Renewed Democracy, New Danger

The Scottish independence vote has reinvigorated the nation’s democracy – but the prospect of secession is a dangerous one for Europe. By James Bartholomeusz

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The Scots have little to gain and a whole lot to lose with independence

In this op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, Jason Pack and Brendan Simms argue that Scotland has a lot more to loose than it stands to gain with independence.

Great European – Carlo Cattaneo

This week in our Great Europeans series, Liam Fitzgerald takes a look at Italian Carlo Cattaneo, intellectual, philosopher, author, and one of Europe’s first federalists.

Alexis de Tocqueville: European Advocate of American Federalism

Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America is a foundational text of federalist political science. James Bartholomeusz considers its relevance for modern-day European integration.

Meeting room in the House of Lords

Democracy after the Elections

On 25th June, PDU London hosted a panel discussion in the House of Lords on the prospects – or otherwise – for European democracy after the Parliament elections.

A New Renaissance? Renzi, Italy and the United States of Europe

Matteo Renzi’s new offer of a United States of Europe is a beacon of hope both for the continent and for Italy itself. By Mario Zorro

Spinelli and Rossi: The Forefathers of European Federalism

Next in our series on historical federalism, James Bartholomeusz takes a look at the Ventotene Manifesto, one of the founding documents of European federalism.

Madison and Hamilton: The Legacy of US Federalism

Continuing our series on the historic origins of federalism, Daniel Schade examines Madison and Hamilton’s Federalist Papers which were crucial the foundation of the American republic.