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The Triumphs and Failures of the Hague Congress

As part of a new series on the federalist origins of the European project, Roisin Berghaus considers the triumphs and failures of the 1948 Hague Congress.

A Federalist Vision for Europe

In the aftermath of the elections, Pietro De Matteis, co-president of the European Federalist Party, lays out a federalist vision for Europe.

George Soros: The Tragedy of the EU

Maxence Salendre considers the investor and philanthropist George Soros’ new book on the future of the European project.

The PDU Responds to the Eiffel Group

In a recently published article on their website, the Eiffel Group of French federalists proposed its vision for a new federal Europe. Maxence Salendre considers the pros and cons of its manifesto.

Unity in Diversity, Strength in Asymmetry

For the PDU, Simon Beauchemin argues that we can and should draw lessons for Europe from the asymmetrical nature of Canadian federalism. Any comparison of Canada and a hypothetical Eurozone federation demands nuance and an…


The PDU in 2014

After a great first year, the PDU is looking forward to an exciting 2014. By Korbinian Rueger The PDU continues to grow. In addition to our Munich and London offices we have opened offices in…

Hegel and European Integration

Much of G.W.F. Hegel’s thought is arguably outdated, but his idea of historical development might have something to offer for our understanding of European integration. By James Bartholomeusz Last week, I attempted to explain the goals…

Britain and Europe: The Position of the PDU

The PDU lays out its position on Britain and the EU: there should be a referendum in the UK, but one with proper options and a proper debate. Britain has always had an uncertain relationship…

Rational Steps Forward: Greenspan on the Necessity of EU Political Integration

The PDU addresses Alan Greenspan’s statements in favour of the Eurozone’s political integration. By Roisin Berghaus Alan Greenspan, former Chair of the US Federal Reserve, made headlines last week when he told the Welt am…

The Meaning of Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is often seen as a national event, but its true significance lies in the history of European solidarity. By James Bartholomeusz. At eleven o’clock on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, 1918, the…