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Turkey’s (possibly) European Future

The PDU discusses the possibility of Turkey joining the EU and argues that the Union must do everything it can to make the country’s future a European one. By Matthias Gerl Ankara’s recent statements regarding the…

A Federalist Europe with Limits?

EU Commissioner Michel Barnier, himself a committed federalist, argues that the European project needs clearly defined boundaries. Roisin Berghaus discusses the discrepancies between Member State sovereignty on economic issues and a federalist Europe.

Size matters!

An open discussion about the benefits of a large union is necessary if European citizens are to be persuaded of the European Unification project. And behold: If debate is held objectively, good reasons for an…

How to re-establish Trust in the Union

Liam Fitzgerald argues that in order to regain legitimacy Europe need to find a way to strike a balance between centralism and the empowerment of regions.

Hungary and the Union: What to Do?

Europe’s struggle with the radical right in Hungary. A plea for a democratic and socially just Europe. By Milos Vujovic. 

Original caption of German Bundesarchiv remains visible.

The Right to Vote in Europe

Any change in voting procedures and voter behaviour will affect democratic legitimacy of the EU. Changes to its structure need to be made to enhance voter turnout. By Liam Fitzgerald. Recently, Milan Vaishnav, associate at…