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Without country, there is no identity

Emilie Mendes de Leon reflects on the historical preconditions for political unification.

Troubles in China prove the need for change in Europe’s economy

The slowdown in the Chinese economy this summer has caught all analysts off-guard. Benjamin Zeeb and James Bartholomeusz explore what this means for EU economic policy.

Economic union is a necessity, but it cannot exist without true democracy

The plans laid out by the Commission for an EU federation in 2012 certainly had their merits, but any European state must grow out of the will of citizens, not bureaucrats. By James Bartholomeusz

The East’s Welfare State: What Model for Growth?

Eastern member-states might have been liberated from communist rule, but the transition to liberal capitalism has not been an easy one. Dadiana Chiran argues that the strengths of Eastern welfare states have been compromised since the…

Italy: Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Mario Zorro analyses the state of Italy in the wake of the European elections and the agenda of Matteo Renzi.

George Soros: The Tragedy of the EU

Maxence Salendre considers the investor and philanthropist George Soros’ new book on the future of the European project.

The Italian cabinet, led by Prime Minister Renzi

Italy in 2014: Let us hope for the best

A week after Matteo Renzi took power in Italy, the PDU’s new patron Giorgio La Malfa considers the current state of the its politics.