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What would a Trump presidency mean for the rest of the world?

President Trump is able to deliver a severe shock to the US and the rest of the world, writes Brendan Simms in his recent article for the New Statesman. The US and the UK might…

Grabbing the third rail

In the latest issue of the World Commerce Review, Lukas Paul Schmelter argues that the EU needs a fully unified foreign and security policy.

Against national illusions (in German)

In this op-ed for Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung the PDU’s Deputy Chairman Daniel Schade argues that a European response to the terrorist threat to Europe’s society is necessary.

PDU Deputy Editor wins European Commission essay competition

James Bartholomeusz has been chosen as the UK winner of an EU essay competition on the future of enlargement.

The 6th Principle: The Union should have a single European army

“The Union should have at its command a single European army, with the monopoly of external force projection.”  by Mario Zorro, Ella Fuller and Ece Kepekci Since the financial crisis of 2008, Europe has mainly focused…

Association Agreements and a New Status Quo in Europe

The EU’s new economic Agreements with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine could have a major geopolitical impact on Europe’s relationship with Russia. By Teona Surmava

Belarus and the Ukrainian Crisis

The fall of the Yanukovich regime in Ukraine leaves just one overtly pro-Russian state in eastern Europe – Belarus. Former British diplomat Brian Bennett gives his view.

The Ukraine Crisis as a Proxy Conflict: Some Solutions?

In the concluding part of a series for the PDU, Maria Mitaev suggests some ways in which the EU and other international actors might move forward in the Ukraine crisis.

The Impact of the Ukrainian Crisis on the European Neighbourhood

Recent events in Ukraine have created a whole host of issues for the European Union, perhaps the most pressing of which is the status of eastern member-states in relation to the new instability in the neighbourhood. It…

The Ukraine Crisis as a Proxy Conflict: The Problems

In the first part of a series for the PDU, Maria Mitaev takes stock of the problems posed to international relations by the Ukraine crisis.