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“Europe has to solve the German problem”

In this interview with the German newspaper Wirtschaftswoche, Brendan Simms outlines why a federal European state is necessary.

The Putin challenge to Europe

On 5th of May, PDU Brussels organised its first Brussels-based panel debate ‘The Putin challenge to Europe’ at the Bertelsmann Stiftung in Brussels.

Can Ukraine Deliver a Regime Change in Russia?

In the wake of Western-Russian grappling over the Crimean situation, Olena Lobunets argues that only decisive sanctions action can put an end to Putin’s despotism.

The Future of Ukraine

On 14th March, the PDU’s London office hosted a lunchtime panel discussion in the House of Lords on the recent events in Ukraine, and what these hold for the future of the country and the…

Porte d’Ukraine

Dmytro Natalukha analyzes Russian strategy in invading the Crimea and locates recent actions within a larger context.

United Kingdom

One of Europe’s strongest nations and yet the continent’s historic outlier, the UK’s relations with the Union have distinctly cooled in the last decade. With the possibility of ‘Brexit’ looming in 2017, what will happen…

National Answers to Global Problems

At this year’s Munich Security Conference it became obvious once more that the world lacks global solutions to global problems. This makes a wholehearted European common foreign policy not only more desirable but also necessary. By Matthias Gerl…

Azarov’s Resignation: What’s Next for Ukraine?

  As the situation in Ukraine develops further, Roisin Berghaus examines the immediate future of the country. Yesterday marked a turning point for protests in Ukraine. After more than two months of protests throughout the country,…

Immigration: Dilemma or Opportunity for the EU?

Higher levels of immigration hold both problems and potential in store for the EU, writes Bilquees Daud.

2013: One Year in Europe

2013 has been the first year of the Project for Democratic Union, and a major year in European affairs. Here we review some choice developments of the last twelve months. The Enlargement of the Union…