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Europe Must Take a Tougher Stance on Putin’s Russia!

While Russia’s granting Edward Snowden asylum might not be the right reason to do so, the USA and Europe need to take a tougher stance against recent Russian developments. By Korbinian Rueger.

European Intelligence

Assange, Manning, Snowden – more than any, these names stand for whistle blowing. Especially the US have had to live with security breaches, some would say, and heroic acts in the pursuit of freedom, others…

Rohani’s Inauguration: High time for a New EU Foreign Policy toward Iran

Roisin Berghaus asks if the recent inauguration of the moderate cleric Hassan Rohani as the new President of Iran could be an opportunity for a new EU foreign policy toward the country.

From regionalism to free trade: Europe’s dangerously mixed messages to Latin America

In an article for openDemocracy’s debate on the future of Europe, Daniel Schade explains why Europe’s foreign policy towards Latin America has taken a problematic turn.

Catherine Ashton: Could Morsi Visit Herald a New Era of EU Foreign Relations?

Roisin Berghaus asks if Catherine Ashton’s recent Egypt visit could mark a new milestone in the development of the EU’s independent diplomatic efforts.

Germany’s Greens and the Responsibility to Protect

An analysis comissioned by the Heinrich-Böll Foundation on US Foreign Policy and the prevention of mass atrocities gives cues for the future of European Grand Strategy. By Hugo Kaminski

Avoiding Old Mistakes

NATO and Europe’s democracies should press for the enforcement of a ‘no fly zone’ over Syria to support the rebels’ struggle with Assad’s regime. By Brendan Simms.

The Invasion of the Arab Mind: European Resurrections in Syria

Oscar Clarke argues that overcoming the regime of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad should be a moral imperative for Europeans. Not least because the ideology that has helped keep his family in power for two generations has its…

Why Turkey remains bound to the West

Daniel Heinrich on the changes and consistencies in Turkey’s foreign policy since 2002.