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1969: The Spirit of the Hague

1969 proved a watershed moment in the history of the European project, both in terms of EC reform and preparing the ground for the first enlargement. By Amelie Buchwald

Marianne is sick. What happened to La République?

Shortly after the first results of a first-round vote in France had started to come in, indicating a huge loss for the Socialists and a first place for Sarkozy’s right-wing alliance, Prime Minister Manuel Valls…

Alexis de Tocqueville: European Advocate of American Federalism

Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America is a foundational text of federalist political science. James Bartholomeusz considers its relevance for modern-day European integration.

From Boredom to Populism: France After the Elections

Two months after the shocking results of the European elections in France, what is the situation of the country? Paul Dransele reports on post-election French politics.

“Europe has to solve the German problem”

In this interview with the German newspaper Wirtschaftswoche, Brendan Simms outlines why a federal European state is necessary.

Renegotiating Europe: Germany’s Push for Change

Following Germany’s call for Eurozone treaty reform, Bilquees Daud considers the implications of proposed changes in light of the upcoming Parliamentary elections.

The Disappointments of Hollande’s Presidency

François Hollande looked like he might have been the leader of a Left-wing renaissance in Europe, but he has failed at every turn. By James Bartholomeusz

The Far-Right’s New Dream Team?

The PDU points out that the recent announcement of Marine LePen and Geert Wilders to join forces against “the monster in Brussels” for the 2014 European elections raises questions about the future of Euroscepticism and…

A Federalist Europe with Limits?

EU Commissioner Michel Barnier, himself a committed federalist, argues that the European project needs clearly defined boundaries. Roisin Berghaus discusses the discrepancies between Member State sovereignty on economic issues and a federalist Europe.

IMF to France: Stop saving!

In its latest “health check” of the French economy the IMF askes France to take a more relaxed course on austerity measures. What does the recommendation mean for European economic politics after the German elections? By…