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The Last of the German Patriots

He is one of the most respected politicians ever to shape German policy. His integrity is beyond the shadow of doubt. He is truly one of Germany’s greatest statesmen. Here is why Wolfgang Schäuble should…

Μην μας αφήνετε! – Vote Yes! (in Greek and in English)

Today Greeks hold in their hands not only the fate of a nation, but also the future of the fragile project of European unification. A Yes will mean more years of crushing austerity and external…

1969: The Spirit of the Hague

1969 proved a watershed moment in the history of the European project, both in terms of EC reform and preparing the ground for the first enlargement. By Amelie Buchwald

Spinelli and Rossi: The Forefathers of European Federalism

Next in our series on historical federalism, James Bartholomeusz takes a look at the Ventotene Manifesto, one of the founding documents of European federalism.

“Europe has to solve the German problem”

In this interview with the German newspaper Wirtschaftswoche, Brendan Simms outlines why a federal European state is necessary.

Renegotiating Europe: Germany’s Push for Change

Following Germany’s call for Eurozone treaty reform, Bilquees Daud considers the implications of proposed changes in light of the upcoming Parliamentary elections.

Great European of the Week: Sophie Scholl

Sophie Magdalena Scholl was born 9th May 1921 in Fortchenberg am Kocher. The third five children, she enjoyed a childhood that was marked by the Lutheran and humanistic education of her parents Robert and Magdalena….

National Answers to Global Problems

At this year’s Munich Security Conference it became obvious once more that the world lacks global solutions to global problems. This makes a wholehearted European common foreign policy not only more desirable but also necessary. By Matthias Gerl…

Port of Hamburg

Recession Made in Germany?

Is Germany responsible for the economic crises of its European neighbors? The PDU assesses recent allegations. By Matthias Gerl

The German Automotive Industry vs. the Environment

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under criticism for her party’s acceptance of a €690,000 donation from German automotive giant BMW while campaigning to block an EU CO2 emissions cap. The PDU discusses the events,…