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Great European of the Week: Ivana Kobilca

This week’s Great European is Slovenian painter, Ivana Koblica, who was born on December 20th 1861 in Ljubljana. Her path towards the Arts was emphasized by the importance given by her parents to education, and…

Great European of the Week: Lotta Hitschmanova

This week’s Great European is Lotta Hitschmanova, a Canadian humanitarian who actively participated in the foundation of the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada, an international development organization that started functioning after World War II. By…

Great European: Androulla Vassiliou

Androulla Vassiliou is a Cypriot liberal politician, who held important positions in her home country and in the European Union institutions. She is married to Georgios Vassiliou, former President of Cyprus. The couple has three children. By Veronika…

Great European: Giorgio de Chirico

Giorgio de Chirico (* 10 July 1888 in Volos, Greece; † 20 November 1978 in Rome) was an Italian painter and graphic designer. He is regarded as one of the main representatives of “pintura metafisica”…

Great European of the week: Konrad Adenauer

In celebration of the 65th anniversary of his election as the Chancellor of West Germany (15 September 1949) we commemorate one of the greatest European politicians of the 20th century: Konrad Adenauer. By Veronika Czina

Great European of the Week: Alcide De Gasperi

Responsible for most of Italy’s post-WWII reconstruction, Alcide De Gasperi is also considered a forerunner in the process of European integration. Emanuele Barbarossa presents the charismatic figure of this Italian politician on the 60th anniversary…

Great European – Carlo Cattaneo

This week in our Great Europeans series, Liam Fitzgerald takes a look at Italian Carlo Cattaneo, intellectual, philosopher, author, and one of Europe’s first federalists.

Great European of the Week: Maximilien de Robespierre

Radical democrat or proto-totalitarian dictator? James Bartholomeusz examines one of the French Revolution’s most iconic figures.

Great European of the Week: Paul-Henri Spaak

A great European for decades, Paul-Henri Spaak strongly believed in the integration of Europe and used the power of his “method” to support the European project. By Alessandra Croppi

Great European of the Week: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Philosopher, political theorist, novelist, scientist, general polymath – Jean-Jacques Rousseau was one of modern Europe’s greatest thinkers. By James Bartholomeusz