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2015 in Europe: A year of challenges

The past 12 months have seen the waves of multiple crises break on the European shore. The Project for Democratic Union looks back at 2015, a watershed year in European history. By James Bartholomeusz

Tsipras’ Second Round: Europe could Sleep Safely Now

He has failed to deliver what he promised the first time. Can Alexis Tsipras now come up with a new plan and become the unexpected hero Europe had never asked for? By Alexandros Semeloglou

The Last of the German Patriots

He is one of the most respected politicians ever to shape German policy. His integrity is beyond the shadow of doubt. He is truly one of Germany’s greatest statesmen. Here is why Wolfgang Schäuble should…

Muddling through won’t solve Europe’s problems

In the World Commerce Review the PDU’s CEO, Benjamin Zeeb, writes about why we have to attempt the impossible to overcome the European crisis. You can read the article here.     Image ‘Ukraine Sepratists…

The most pro-European “Όχι” Greeks ever had to say

The citizens of Greece should have the right to say “Yes” to European solidarity, or “No” to unreasonable austerity, which is only unreasonable because it has proven to be disastrous. But first and foremost, they should have…

Μην μας αφήνετε! – Vote Yes! (in Greek and in English)

Today Greeks hold in their hands not only the fate of a nation, but also the future of the fragile project of European unification. A Yes will mean more years of crushing austerity and external…

The deal is done. Why a Syriza win tomorrow won’t change anything

Whatever the outcome of tomorrow’s election in Greece, true sovereignty and democratic control over its national finances isn’t in the cards for the Greeks, as it isn’t for any other states of Europe’s so-called periphery….

Greek Parliament Votes on Future of Eurozone

As of Tuesday GREXIT, an exit of Greece from the Euro-zone is back on the table. So is a large scale debt write-off for the country.  By Benjamin Zeeb


Greece has become the symbolic centre of all the manifold problems of Europe – and opposition to the EU. What will happen in the May 2014 elections? By James Bartholomeusz

A Golden Dawn sticker reading "Foreigners Out of Greece!!"

The Problem of the Golden Dawn Trials

Tackling the far-Right requires more than a trial – we need to deal with root causes via a federal Europe, argues James Bartholomeusz.