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An Eventful Autumn for Hungary

Protests of a scale not seen in a long time and a corruption scandal cast clouds over the Hungarian political scene in the past few weeks. Veronika Czina and Teona Surmava give an overview of the recent…

Hungary’s Rapprochement to Russia and the Importance of the Ukrainian crisis for Europe

The Russian-Ukrainian crisis was a game changer, garnering huge international attention and sparking debates as to the consequences and importance of the events in Ukraine for Europe. Many European and neighboring countries clearly demonstrated their position…

The Visegrad Group: 25 Years of Freedom, 10 Years in the EU

At the quarter-century mark of the Visegrad states’ freedom from the USSR, Johannes Wachs examines the Group’s role in today’s European Union.

The ‘Hungarian Napoleon’ remains Prime Minister

After the re-election of Fidesz-KDNP as the governing party of Hungary in the elections of April 6, Teona Surmava and Veronika Czina examine the results and possible future effects.


The PDU looks at the current political landscape of Hungary in anticipation of the 2014 European Parliament Election? By Veronika Czina Accession to the European Union In the 1990s, Hungary was among those Central and Eastern…

The Rise of Extremism Among the Youth of Europe: The Case of Hungary’s Jobbik Party

Among the several difficulties that the European Union is facing today, one of the most troubling phenomena is the rise of extremism in several Member States. A textbook example of such a case is Hungary’s Jobbik…

Hungary and the Union: What to Do?

Europe’s struggle with the radical right in Hungary. A plea for a democratic and socially just Europe. By Milos Vujovic.