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Emergency brakes on migration: neither novel nor effective

In this blog post for the London School of Economics’ (LSE) Brexit blog the LSE’s Eiko Thielemann and the PDU’s Daniel Schade argue that the migration ’emergency brake’ agreed to by the European Council is an…

PDU-AEGEE Conference on the European Refugee Crisis

On September 23, 2015 the Project for Democratic Union co-hosted a panel discussion together with AEGEE-Budapest on the Hungarian refugee crisis in light of the EU’s current migration policy. By Veronika Czina The conference held at Corvinus…

The Mediterranean: a Sea of Migrants in Danger

Thousands of migrants risk their lives to get to Europe by crossing the Mediterranean. They do so to escape war, persecution or poverty. Many do not survive the journey, writes Susana Santos Faria. The majority of…

Change We Can’t Believe In?

Sweden’s Social Democrats return to power – but the political issues the country faces are hardly solved by this election. By Daniel Nord

A Swedish Culture War?

The rise of the Swedish Democrats has rightly prompted concern – but does the hard-left reaction also threaten to destabilise Swedish politics? By Daniel Nord

The Vote Against Immigration: An Error for Switzerland?

The Swiss public recently voted in a referendum to cap immigration into their country. Teona Surmava considers the economic and political fall-out.

The Swiss Referendum: Lessons From the Past for a Better Future

The decision of Swiss voters to disengage from the EU and the speculations of foreign observers about the reasons throw into relief mutual misunderstandings which have deep roots in history. By Jasper Heinzen Nothing illustrates the…

The Swiss Immigration Referendum: Irritation or Catastrophe?

Daniel Schade provides an analysis of the likely consequences for Europe of Switzerland’s recent immigration referendum.

Immigration: Dilemma or Opportunity for the EU?

Higher levels of immigration hold both problems and potential in store for the EU, writes Bilquees Daud.


In May 2014, Romania will be called to the European polling booth for the second time since accession to elect 33 new MEPs. In a country marked by corruption, political scandals and fragile coalition governments,…