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Where Do We Belong And Who Decides?

Where do we belong and who decides? ‘Europeanhood’ vs. ‘Regionhood’ – some disconnected thoughts on EU federalism, separatism and the double standards of international law by Dadiana Chiran.

The Swiss Referendum: Lessons From the Past for a Better Future

The decision of Swiss voters to disengage from the EU and the speculations of foreign observers about the reasons throw into relief mutual misunderstandings which have deep roots in history. By Jasper Heinzen Nothing illustrates the…

Hegel and European Integration

Much of G.W.F. Hegel’s thought is arguably outdated, but his idea of historical development might have something to offer for our understanding of European integration. By James Bartholomeusz Last week, I attempted to explain the goals…

The Rise of Extremism Among the Youth of Europe: The Case of Hungary’s Jobbik Party

Among the several difficulties that the European Union is facing today, one of the most troubling phenomena is the rise of extremism in several Member States. A textbook example of such a case is Hungary’s Jobbik…

Britain and Europe: The Position of the PDU

The PDU lays out its position on Britain and the EU: there should be a referendum in the UK, but one with proper options and a proper debate. Britain has always had an uncertain relationship…

The Far-Right’s New Dream Team?

The PDU points out that the recent announcement of Marine LePen and Geert Wilders to join forces against “the monster in Brussels” for the 2014 European elections raises questions about the future of Euroscepticism and…

A Golden Dawn sticker reading "Foreigners Out of Greece!!"

The Problem of the Golden Dawn Trials

Tackling the far-Right requires more than a trial – we need to deal with root causes via a federal Europe, argues James Bartholomeusz.

A Federalist Europe with Limits?

EU Commissioner Michel Barnier, himself a committed federalist, argues that the European project needs clearly defined boundaries. Roisin Berghaus discusses the discrepancies between Member State sovereignty on economic issues and a federalist Europe.