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It’s time for the EU to get serious about Poland

The European Commission is right to take a stand against Poland’s new radical Right-wing government, James Bartholomeusz writes for the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

EU Presidency – Real Impact or Just a Political Ritual?

The PDU’s CEO joined a panel of experts at this year’s Polish Economic Forum to discuss the question of whether or not we still need the EU Presidency in its current form.

Tusk and Mogherini: Appointments and Opportunities

Daniel Schade and James Bartholomeusz note the appointment of Donald Tusk and Federica Mogherini to major positions in European government.

The Visegrad Group: 25 Years of Freedom, 10 Years in the EU

At the quarter-century mark of the Visegrad states’ freedom from the USSR, Johannes Wachs examines the Group’s role in today’s European Union.

The Impact of the Ukrainian Crisis on the European Neighbourhood

Recent events in Ukraine have created a whole host of issues for the European Union, perhaps the most pressing of which is the status of eastern member-states in relation to the new instability in the neighbourhood. It…


In one of the EU’s most dynamic nations, the European elections are heavily dominated by domestic political discourse. Poland’s decision on May 25th will set the tone for the country on both the national and…