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Britain and the EU still have a future together

Britain is now leaving the EU, but it will remain part of the European family.

Will Cameron’s Demands Make the EU Better?

Brendan Simms and James Bartholomeusz explore the failures and possibilities of the Britain’s renegotiation of its EU membership in an article for the Aspen Review.

The British spectacle says more about Cameron than Europe

The British premier’s ‘renegotiation’ is a banal charade, but one which we are now obliged to play along with, write James Bartholomeusz and Daniel Schade.

A tale of two unions

The upcoming British referendum on EU membership could also trigger the dissolution of the British union, James Bartholomeusz writes for the World Commerce Review.

Cameron has no real vision for Britain in Europe

David Cameron’s demands for renegotiating Britain’s EU membership are both insubstantial and incoherent. By James Bartholomeusz

The most pro-European “Όχι” Greeks ever had to say

The citizens of Greece should have the right to say “Yes” to European solidarity, or “No” to unreasonable austerity, which is only unreasonable because it has proven to be disastrous. But first and foremost, they should have…

A Catalan Referendum – Threat or Opportunity for Europe?

On October 22nd 2014, the PDU invited speakers to discuss the implications of a possible Catalan referendum on the European Union.

A New Nation in Europe? The case of Scotland

Scotland is scheduled to hold a referendum on national independence this autumn. What are the questions that arise for the European Union? By Liam Fitzgerald

The Vote Against Immigration: An Error for Switzerland?

The Swiss public recently voted in a referendum to cap immigration into their country. Teona Surmava considers the economic and political fall-out.

The Swiss Referendum: Lessons From the Past for a Better Future

The decision of Swiss voters to disengage from the EU and the speculations of foreign observers about the reasons throw into relief mutual misunderstandings which have deep roots in history. By Jasper Heinzen Nothing illustrates the…