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Muddling through won’t solve Europe’s problems

In the World Commerce Review the PDU’s CEO, Benjamin Zeeb, writes about why we have to attempt the impossible to overcome the European crisis. You can read the article here.     Image ‘Ukraine Sepratists…

2014: One Year in Europe

2014 has been another eventful and exciting year for Europe and the PDU. Time to take a look back at some of the most important events and developments of the past year. Ukraine: A new…

Hungary’s Rapprochement to Russia and the Importance of the Ukrainian crisis for Europe

The Russian-Ukrainian crisis was a game changer, garnering huge international attention and sparking debates as to the consequences and importance of the events in Ukraine for Europe. Many European and neighboring countries clearly demonstrated their position…

Tusk and Mogherini: Appointments and Opportunities

Daniel Schade and James Bartholomeusz note the appointment of Donald Tusk and Federica Mogherini to major positions in European government.

Europe Caught Napping on Defence

Defence expenditure in Europe has dropped significantly over the past two decades, encouraged by the end of the Cold War and the Eurocrisis. By Tom Hobson

EU Reacts to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Tragedy

The EU response to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over the war zone in Eastern Ukraine highlights difficulties faced by independent nations responding to international conflicts.  Erika Marty examines the obstacles faced in…

Association Agreements and a New Status Quo in Europe

The EU’s new economic Agreements with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine could have a major geopolitical impact on Europe’s relationship with Russia. By Teona Surmava

Europe’s Strategic Priorities – Air, Sea or Land?

What is the best way for Europe to defend itself in the 21st Century? By Mario Zorro

The Ukraine Crisis as a Proxy Conflict: Some Solutions?

In the concluding part of a series for the PDU, Maria Mitaev suggests some ways in which the EU and other international actors might move forward in the Ukraine crisis.

The Impact of the Ukrainian Crisis on the European Neighbourhood

Recent events in Ukraine have created a whole host of issues for the European Union, perhaps the most pressing of which is the status of eastern member-states in relation to the new instability in the neighbourhood. It…