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Greek Parliament Votes on Future of Eurozone

As of Tuesday GREXIT, an exit of Greece from the Euro-zone is back on the table. So is a large scale debt write-off for the country.  By Benjamin Zeeb

Scottish Independence: Renewed Democracy, New Danger

The Scottish independence vote has reinvigorated the nation’s democracy – but the prospect of secession is a dangerous one for Europe. By James Bartholomeusz

A Problem of European Identity? Separatist Movements in the EU

Scotland and Catalonia represent two important separatist challenges to their respective nation-states, yet they are also both generally pro-European. How does this apparent contradiction work? By Teona Srmava


Spain’s accession to the EU has spurred the country to economic growth, yet the financial crisis has hit the country hard in recent years. While high unemployment rates have not led to a rise in…

It’s the Elections, Stupid

While Europe has formally come out of recession, the Eurozone crisis is far from over. Unless we start to realize that the continent’s greatest structural problems aren’t economic but political in nature, every major national…


Gibraltar: Border dispute gone wrong

The recently revived dispute over Gibraltar epitomizes many of Europe’s current political woes, argues Daniel Schade, head of PDU’s London Office.