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Troubles in China prove the need for change in Europe’s economy

The slowdown in the Chinese economy this summer has caught all analysts off-guard. Benjamin Zeeb and James Bartholomeusz explore what this means for EU economic policy.

Port of Hamburg

Recession Made in Germany?

Is Germany responsible for the economic crises of its European neighbors? The PDU assesses recent allegations. By Matthias Gerl

From regionalism to free trade: Europe’s dangerously mixed messages to Latin America

In an article for openDemocracy’s debate on the future of Europe, Daniel Schade explains why Europe’s foreign policy towards Latin America has taken a problematic turn.

Barack Obama, José Manuel Barroso, and Herman Van Rompuy at the EU-US summit in Lisbon 2010

The TTIP – Gains and Losses across the Atlantic

Everyone is talking about the trade agreement negotiations between the US and the EU. But what exactly is TTIP? And what would be its consequences if implemented? By Corinna Goodman.

Why Turkey remains bound to the West

Daniel Heinrich on the changes and consistencies in Turkey’s foreign policy since 2002.