Alexis Tsipras

The deal is done. Why a Syriza win tomorrow won’t change anything

Whatever the outcome of tomorrow’s election in Greece, true sovereignty and democratic control over its national finances isn’t in the cards for the Greeks, as it isn’t for any other states of Europe’s so-called periphery….


Cyprus – Awash With Russian Money

The example of Cyprus clearly shows the urgent need for a more integrated and better regulated EU economic structure. The small island is awash with Russian money, the origins of which are dubious. By Eleni Courea

Cologne Cathedral's illumination was switched off to leave Kögida in the dark.

Pegida – Marches Against Diversity

For the past months, there have been regular marches in Dresden, and now in other parts of Germany, associated with the movement called ‘Pegida’ – roughly translated to ‘patriotic Europeans against the Islamification of the…


Call for Papers: The current populism in Europe – A threat to liberal democracy?

The PDU invites its readers and supporters to submit papers to an international conference in Political Science, organized by Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Charles University Prague and Goethe Institute in Prague. We fully support this conference…


Nous sommes Charlie

James Bartholomeusz responds to the terror attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris.


2014: One Year in Europe

2014 has been another eventful and exciting year for Europe and the PDU. Time to take a look back at some of the most important events and developments of the past year. Ukraine: A new…



The PDU launches its series of podcasts and accompanying articles with a profile of young and very successful Spanish party, Podemos. By Emilie Mendes de Leon and Korbinian Rueger AfD in Germany, UKIP in the United…

Ivana Kobilca

Great European of the Week: Ivana Kobilca

This week’s Great European is Slovenian painter, Ivana Koblica, who was born on December 20th 1861 in Ljubljana. Her path towards the Arts was emphasized by the importance given by her parents to education, and…


Greek Parliament Votes on Future of Eurozone

As of Tuesday GREXIT, an exit of Greece from the Euro-zone is back on the table. So is a large scale debt write-off for the country.  By Benjamin Zeeb


Where Do We Belong And Who Decides?

Where do we belong and who decides? ‘Europeanhood’ vs. ‘Regionhood’ – some disconnected thoughts on EU federalism, separatism and the double standards of international law by Dadiana Chiran.