Great European of the Week: Maximilien de Robespierre

Radical democrat or revolutionary dictator? James Bartholomeusz examines one of the French Revolution’s most iconic figures.


Alexis de Tocqueville: European Advocate of American Federalism

Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America is a foundational text of federalist political science. James Bartholomeusz considers its relevance for modern-day European integration.

Signing of the treaty establishing the ECSC.

Europe Dictionary: ECSC

In a new Europe Dictionary series, the PDU will introduce key terms, concepts, and stages of European integration in order to enhance knowledge of the European Union and its structures. Today, Liam Fitzgerald gives an introduction to…

Disillusionment with France's remote "politician politics" has led to a surge in support for the National Front

From Boredom to Populism: France After the Elections

Two months after the shocking results of the European elections in France, what is the situation of the country? Paul Dransele reports on post-election French politics.

Paul-Henri Spaak

Great European of the Week: Paul-Henri Spaak

A great European for decades, Paul-Henri Spaak strongly believed in the integration of Europe and used the power of his “method” to support the European project. By Alessandra Croppi

The vote in the Parliament on Tuesday confirmed Juncker as President of the Commission.

Juncker elected as President of the Commission

On Tuesday, the European Parliament elected Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Commission. Welmoed Roeten reviews the situation.


The Banking Union: A Slow-food Recipe

Emanuele Barbarossa reports on the Single Resolution Mechanism, a further step towards European Banking Union.


Great European of the Week: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Philosopher, political theorist, novelist, scientist, general polymath – Jean-Jacques Rousseau was one of modern Europe’s greatest thinkers. By James Bartholomeusz


Association Agreements and a New Status Quo in Europe

The EU’s new economic Agreements with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine could have a major geopolitical impact on Europe’s relationship with Russia. By Teona Surmava

Meeting room in the House of Lords

Democracy after the Elections

On 25th June, PDU London hosted a panel discussion in the House of Lords on the prospects – or otherwise – for European democracy after the Parliament elections.