Otto von Habsburg in 2004.

Great European: Otto von Habsburg

The PDU continues its Great European series with Otto von Habsburg, who devoted much of his life to European Integration. By Alois Maderspacher

LePen (Michel Springler_AP)

Marianne is sick. What happened to La République?

Shortly after the first results of a first-round vote in France had started to come in, indicating a huge loss for the Socialists and a first place for Sarkozy’s right-wing alliance, Prime Minister Manuel Valls…


What future for Europe?

In the World Commerce Review the PDU’s CEO, Benjamin Zeeb, writes about our vision for the continent’s future.


The Future of England, Scotland and the Eurozone: Different Sides of the Same Question?

On Monday 16 March, at the House of Lords, Lord Lexden OBE chaired a panel discussion co-hosted by The Henry Jackson Society and The Project for Democratic Union, exploring how British and European unions interrelate,…


Unions of States in Historical Perspective

On Monday 16 March, The Project for Democratic Union (PDU), Henry Jackson Society (HJS) and the Forum on Geopolitics (Dept. of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge) co-hosted an event at Millbank Tower aimed…

Olesya Khromeychuk (left) and Baroness Morgan of Ely.

Ukraine and Russia: One Year After Crimea

On 17th March 2015, one year on from Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the Project for Democratic Union held a panel discussion to discuss the state of the Ukraine crisis.


A Conversation with Simon Anholt

Benjamin Zeeb talks to the creator of the Good Country Index, who describes the EU as “the most successful experiment in multilateralism in human history”.

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The 13th Principle: The Importance of a European Public Sphere

It is essential to create a European public sphere as legitimator, commentator, and forum for discussion as well as a check on Union and regional politics. By Florian Le Gallo See also this previous article on the…


We Are All Bastards

In the present European reality, “united in diversity” is a good intended slogan with little substance. The identity of European generations to come will lie less in their nationhood but in the layers of their mobility.  By…


The 10th Principle: The Union should be committed to sustainable growth

“The new Union should be committed to and promote sustainable growth.” By James Bartholomeusz