Four Reasons Why the EU is Failing

In the latest issue of the World Commerce Review, PDU’ Korbinian Rüger and Benjamin Zeeb give four reasons why the EU is failing and what if anything we can still do to save the project of European Integration.

The Economic Fallacy of Austerity

Lat week saw a new meeting of the Eurogroup that puts Greece back to the top of the European agenda. The country needs debt relief if it is ever to get back on its feet again. This fact…

A World in Turmoil? When economic and social factors are in conflict

The European Union once started as a peace project, now the path seems to lead towards deep conflict. An Essay by Wolfgang P. Warth When analyzing Europe’s post-war history, we see Yugoslavia as a similar experiment,…

2017 – The year Europe’s fate hangs in the balance

In the latest issue of the World Commerce Review, PDU Treasurer Korbinian Rüger argues that the European project has never been under more pressure than now. The question is, ‘will it crack?’ and for three reasons this year…

March for Europe 2017

The anniversary of the Treaty of Rome gives us an opportunity to stand up for a united Europe, writes Francisco César das Neves

Rome 2.0: A Manifesto for a New Europe

Just in time for the treaty’s 60th anniversary on 25 March this year, the German-Italian Centre for European Excellence Villa Vigoni and United Europe are launching a new Rome Manifesto. James Bartholomeusz

Macron’s call for European integration

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, in an article for the Financial Times makes a clear and resolute commitment to European integration, writes Francisco César das Neves

Now, with Trump in the White House, We Need a European Army

What does an incoming President Trump mean for Europe? Security issues that were already swelling on the horizon become clear now and European reticence about an active defence policy is no longer sustainable. Thus one…

Against the Trend: The Dream of a Unified Europe

“There are still people who sincerely believe in Europe. But the bright minds among them know that the European Union needs an entirely different form than it has today”. Book review of Brendan Simms’ and…

PDU’s Korbinian Rueger speaks to educators about Europe

On November 21 2016, the PDU’s treasurer Korbinian Rueger addressed the general assembly of the German Catholic educational institutions.  The PDU’s treasurer Korbinian Rueger was invited to speak about the PDU’s vision for the future of…