Ivana Kobilca

Great European of the Week: Ivana Kobilca

This week’s Great European is Slovenian painter, Ivana Koblica, who was born on December 20th 1861 in Ljubljana. Her path towards the Arts was emphasized by the importance given by her parents to education, and…


Greek Parliament Votes on Future of Eurozone

As of Tuesday GREXIT, an exit of Greece from the Euro-zone is back on the table. So is a large scale debt write-off for the country. By Benjamin Zeeb


Where Do We Belong And Who Decides?

Where do we belong and who decides? ‘Europeanhood’ vs. ‘Regionhood’ – some disconnected thoughts on EU federalism, separatism and the double standards of international law by Dadiana Chiran.


Great European of the Week: Lotta Hitschmanova

This week’s Great European is Lotta Hitschmanova, a Canadian humanitarian who actively participated in the foundation of the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada, an international development organization that started functioning after World War II. By…


Britain First: Populism for the Internet Generation

For better or for worse, the internet has changed the face of activism. In their support of a particular cause, the average person can now log on to internet fora and share ideas with likeminded…

Androulla Vassiliou

Great European: Androulla Vassiliou

Androulla Vassiliou is a Cypriot liberal politician, who held important positions in her home country and in the European Union institutions. She is married to Georgios Vassiliou, former President of Cyprus. The couple has three children. By Veronika…


Supremacy and Judicial Hierarchy in Luxembourg and Karlsruhe: Competing Narratives

It is only natural that the relationship between European and national legal systems has shaped debates on the European Union from its early days: whether or not European legislation takes precedence over national law essentially…


Great European: Giorgio de Chirico

Giorgio de Chirico (* 10 July 1888 in Volos, Greece; † 20 November 1978 in Rome) was an Italian painter and graphic designer. He is regarded as one of the main representatives of “pintura metafisica”…

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Developments in the Eurozone: Muddling through or Turning the Tide?

On November 17th, 2014, the PDU invited speakers to discuss developments in the Eurozone.


Holocaust Denial as a Legal Issue in Europe

Emilie Mendes de Leon reflects on Holocaust denial as racist speech in Europe and explains the special place it holds as a legal concept in many member states of the EU.