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Europe Dictionary: Subsidiarity

A great concern of many who doubt the European project is that the surrender of sovereignty in certain areas to Brussels creates a distance between the citizen and the policy process. The principle of subsidiarity goes…

Simms and Schäuble in discussion

Brendan Simms in discussion with Wolfgang Schäuble

On the occasion of the presentation of the German version of his book ‘Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy 1453 to the Present’ the PDU’s president Brendan Simms discussed his vision for a federal European state with…

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Troika und Eurokrise

This Publixphere article (in German) summarises the debate on the EU troika that ensued after an initial contribution by the PDU on this topic.

Stefan Löfven is the winning Social Democrat leader, but his party has still underperformed.

Change We Can’t Believe In?

Sweden’s Social Democrats return to power – but the political issues the country faces are hardly solved by this election. By Daniel Nord

Konrad Adenauer

Great European of the week: Konrad Adenauer

In celebration of the 65th anniversary of his election as the Chancellor of West Germany (15 September 1949) we commemorate one of the greatest European politicians of the 20th century: Konrad Adenauer. By Veronika Czina


Germany’s role in Europe: The “German problem” returns with force

The PDU’s president Brendan Simms argues that Europe needs to unite now more than ever due to the return with force of the “German problem” in this article for the German weekly Wirtschaftswoche.


Scottish Independence: Renewed Democracy, New Danger

The Scottish independence vote has reinvigorated the nation’s democracy – but the prospect of secession is a dangerous one for Europe. By James Bartholomeusz


Europe Dictionary: European Commission

Ece Kepekci adds an entry to the PDU’s European Dictionary.

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The Scots have little to gain and a whole lot to lose with independence

In this op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, Jason Pack and Brendan Simms argue that Scotland has a lot more to loose than it stands to gain with independence.


Tusk and Mogherini: Appointments and Opportunities

Daniel Schade and James Bartholomeusz note the appointment of Donald Tusk and Federica Mogherini to major positions in European government.