The European Federalist Papers

Amidst polarisation and anxiety, voices need to be heard that express sound, long-term thinking.

Far removed from the European ideal that once drove an era of peace and growth, the somewhat confused question “where do we go from here?” becomes ever more prevalent in the face of a European political class that has lost its sense of direction.

We, instead, would like to pose a different question: “Where do we want to end up?”

This project is not about the next step, it’s about the last one.

We call on Europe’s most distinguished intellectuals to play their part in rekindling a fruitful discussion on the way forward for Europe.

Like in Hamilton and Madison’s essay collection, we are hoping to focus the discourse on Europe’s future by showcasing different viewpoints on topics that are vital to the European project’s survival.

We believe in the weight of the written word.

Therefore are asking for essay contributions from Europe’s best and brightest (approximately 3000 words), in which the following question is to be explored:

“How do you believe European governance should be organized in your field of expertise, if the existing boundaries and obstacles were to evaporate? “

We are not asking for reform proposals of the EU, but rather a goal post, an ideal structure that can serve as a guiding light in our struggle to make Europe better.

The five topics around which the European Federalist Papers project revolve are the following:

  1. Foreign Policy and Security policy
  2. The Economy
  3. Culture and Civil Society
  4. Technology and Innovation
  5. Rights and Constitutional Law
  6. Federal structure, internal borders, and part-whole relationship

We hope to collect three essays on each subject, each from a different perspective. Contributors will have exclusive access to all essays prior to publication, with the option to comment on them, further enhancing discussion.