Choose your team

Whether you are a Eurocrat serving in the Commission, a school teacher in Lisbon, a policeman on patrol on the streets of Dublin or a hairdresser in the French countryside:

You have a role to play in this. Whatever your choice, choose the walk-on-part. Don’t choose the cage.

Plot the Parliament Coup

Team Brussels

(Plotters remain anonymous)

Convince the inconvincible

Team Capitals

Instigate nation-state abdication

Join the bottom up revolution

Team Regions

Turn up the pressure right were you live

The nation state will not abdicate without pressure Only a concerted effort that targets the European, the national, and the regional level at the same time can lead to success.

Three Teams

Team Brussels will work towards preparing, advocating and executing a democratic top-down Coup that establishes the European Parliament as the most important political institution in Europe. Members of Team Brussels will remain anonymous, even to each other.

Team Capitals will wage nationwide campaigns making the case for the abdication of national sovereignty to the European level.

There will be 28 individual capital teams, one for each member state.

Concretely, they will make the case for consolidating national defense into one single European army under the command of the European Parliament with the monopoly of external force projection.

They will also push for the federalization of all existing €-zone state debt in a once-off move, to be accompanied by an automatic balanced budget requirement for all national and regional administrations with a subsequent ‘no bail-out clause’ and an insolvency purge of all insolvent private sector financial institutions, in which deposits, but not loans, shares or bonds, are to be refunded by the Union.

Team Regions will work towards establishing regions as the fundamental component parts of the political union. They work towards organizing simultaneous referenda to be held in 2030 that will see regions separating from their respective national states and rejoin together as component part of a new, truly democratic, truly federal Union. There will be a region team in each of the EU’s 92 NUTS 1 regions.

Every team is free to select it’s own leadership and functions as a completely independent entity, free to cooperate with other teams depending on needs.

90 percent of all membership fees go directly to teams to fund their actions.

The three teams embark on separate but congruent paths towards full political union. It’s a race, and only one team can be first. But no matter who that is, we will all win once any of the teams crosses the finishing line.

Teams are organized as nodes in a distributed network, with PDU providing a gameplan and concrete milestones, facilitating fundraising, and enabling the management of large remote and flexible teams.

PDU will help you map your theatre, build coalitions, engage the media, provide social media intelligence, structure team governance, focus the team’s energies, connect…