The PDU in 2014

After a great first year, the PDU is looking forward to an exciting 2014. By Korbinian Rueger


The PDU continues to grow. In addition to our Munich and London offices we have opened offices in Lisboa and Budapest and are constantly enlisting new contributors from all parts of Europe. We also plan to open offices in Spain, Italy and France in the near future.

We have established a number of partnerships that will help us achieve our goals. In 2014 we will be working closely with the European Student Think Tank and the OneEurope network. The PDU is very happy with these agreements and we are looking forward to an exciting first year as partners.

Furthermore we have gained support by the Allianz Cultural Foundation. This independent foundation shares many of the PDU’s goals and we are very grateful for its support. On 19 December 2013, we held our first joint event, a panel discussion titled “Reclaiming Europe – An Attempt to Rebrand the Old”.  The panel featured Michael Thoss, Managing Director of the Allianz Cultural Foundation; Brendan Simms, PDU’s President and co-founder; and Felix Montag, board member of Germany’s EFP chapter. The event was a great success and we are looking forward to many more.

Furthermore we are very proud to be supported by the Entrepreneurship Center of Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. The Center is one of the biggest of its kind and will lend the PDU strategic and managerial support and aid the project in gaining important know-how.

On our website, we will continue to publish high-quality commentary on European politics, economics and public affairs. In the first few months of this year, our content will be focused on the European Parliamentary elections due in May, for which we will be running a series of articles analysing each EU member-state and the broader political landscape. We will also be publishing a number of in-depth studies dealing with different aspects of these fields, the first being a paper on European federalism due out in the next few weeks.

Also we will continue to publish our Great European series. Every Monday we portray one important figure of European history, so check our website regularly to learn more about Europe and the great men and women who have contributed to it.

If you want to support the PDU and its work you can do so in a number of ways; you can either become a member, or assist our work via individual donations. Since the PDU is a registered charity, all donations to us are tax-deductible within the European Union. Alternatively – and free of charge – you can support our cause by spreading the word and making the PDU known wherever you live.

Image: “Fireworks″ by bayasaa via Flickr released under creative commons attribution 2.0.

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