Can Angela Merkel forge a United State of Europe

In an opinion piece for the London Evening Standard Brendan Simms asks if Angela Merkel has what it takes to make a European state possible.

Original caption of German Bundesarchiv remains visible.

The Right to Vote in Europe

Any change in voting procedures and voter behaviour will affect democratic legitimacy of the EU. Changes to its structure need to be made to enhance voter turnout. By Liam Fitzgerald. Recently, Milan Vaishnav, associate at…

Sooner or later, we’ll have to go into Syria

Brendan Simms comments on Europe and the Syrian Civil War in The Independent.

Democracy in Europe – Its Origins and its Future

The history of modern European democracy is the history of misconceptions overcome. In order to honor this legacy, today’s Europeans must reignite the democratic spirit of a “New Hellenism”. By Oscar Clarke.

We eurozoners must create a United State of Europe

Brendan Simms lays out his vision for a Eurozone State in the Guardian.

“Europe has contributed to establishing stable democracies” – Liam Fitzgerald

  Europe has a history of being defined by what it has achieved in the decades of its institutionalised existence. It has ensured peace, reintegrated the Federal Republic of Germany into the arms of Western…

Borders have opened since Schengen.

“Europe has opened our borders.” – Jennifer Falkenhorst

Europe is a fascinating place. It is the home of numerous cultures and has a long-standing history. Grouping a number of countries into a Union was a splendid idea and has proven to be successful…

“Unity without freedom is nothing.” – Benjamin Zeeb

  Loving Europe is easy. As long as you don’t live there. How many times have we stood in front of some great European monument or another, watching tourists from overseas professing their deepest affections…

“Europe is an advocate for human rights and democracy” – Athanasios Tsevas

  At end of the 1945 Europe was far from what we take for granted today. Death, ruined cities, extreme poverty, diseases, and economic destruction were the main characteristics of a continent populated by peoples…

“Unification in Diversity – A Tolerant Europe” – Evaggelos Sirios

  Europe is many things to many people. Some see it as a continent and a civilization which existed long before the birth of nations. Others view it as a shared culture, sometimes coupled with…